The Luxury Kings explore new blues in the tradition of the great power-trios, both re-interpreting traditional blues and creating new original electric blues-inspired music. Guitarist Jason Pastras (Dry Time Quartet, Blues Gigante, Super Genius), bassist Eric Leland (Rollin’ Machine, The A-Sides, The Cashmen, The Stonesouls) and drummer Luke Wampler (Dry Time Quartet, The Stonesouls) have been playing in bands together off and on for over a decade.

The band began rehearsing with the intent to play blues standards in the newly erupting blues clubs of Atlanta and nearby suburb of Marietta.

As original material began to replace covers, and the music became less traditional and more of a creative collaboration, The Luxury Kings looked towards creating and recording their own sound. Their debut CD, “This One’s For Chico“contains eight original songs.

This One’s For Chico was quickly embraced by the Atlanta music scene, getting favorable reviews in Creative Loafing and the Atlanta Blues Society Newsletter. Brisk sales at shows and on www.cdbaby.com , and local radio airplay on local music shows including 96 Rock’s Peach Jam, Z-93s Blue Sunday and the WRFG morning shows have kept The Luxury Kings running strong.

After participating in a number of local tribute concerts (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and others) The Luxury Kings found their sound leaning more classic rock than blues. The  sessions for their new CD, “Chico Beats The Devil” found the Luxury Kings embracing classic rock, blues, Memphis soul, southern rock, funk and even gospel influences. Unlike the first record, where Eric and Jason contributed completed songs, all of the songs on “Chico Beats The Devil” were at least in part written by the entire band. The addition of keyboardist Joe Worrell  on four tunes also expanded the Luxury Kings’ sonic landscape, as did the addition of acoustic guitars, bottleneck slide guitar and percussion instruments.

The Luxury Kings are currently pursuing their mission to bring their brand of blues-inspired music to the world and beyond…..



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